Rhyothemis obsolescens


Rhyothemis obsolescens
Common Name:
Bronze Flutterer
R. obsolescens
Species Description
Rhyothemis obsolescens (Kirby, 1889), the Bronze Flutterer is is an elegant small dragonfly. This species occurs in well-vegetated open marshes and edge of swamp forest.Males and females are almost identical. In males, the hindwing is 21 to 23 mm in length and the total body length ranges from 24 to 28 mm. The eyes are reddish brown on top and light brown below. the thorax and abdomen are black. The wings are opaque iridescent bronze with a tinge of magneta and variegated light and dark markings. In females, the wings have clear (hyaline) portions near the wing tips. The flight of Rhyothemis obsolescens is weak and slow. It perches with depressed wings. Ranges widely in southeast Asia, with records from Myanmar to Vietnam, the Philippines and southwards to Kalimantan.Rhyothemis obsolescens is widely distributed in southeast Asia, common where it occurs and tolerant of disturbance. IUCN Red List accessed as Least Concern. 

Rhyothemis obsolescens Bkg


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